Art Misfits Blend, Baby, Blend! 1

Blend, Baby, Blend!

DEFINE brings to you an event of taste, art and best of all, FUN! This Sunday cannot be spent in a better way than expressing your individuality by the medium of paint. Since the event is by invitation only, now now now is the time to hurry and get one for yourself, your friends and everyone you know!

Featuring the very funny web comic artist Ernest Ng and the multi-talented entrepreneur Haze Long, this event gives you the chance to let loose your artistic side in an unconventional way. DEFINE has provided a Volkswagen Kombi Van and guess who gets to paint on the van itself? YOU! Gloves, smocks and paintbrushes will be provided at the event, all you need to bring is enthusiasm.

Mysteriously, the venue is yet to be revealed, but we can look forward to a beautiful atmosphere in which to let your artsy side run free. Also, to be expected is Corktales: A Cocktail with your own signature twist! You get to add your own uniqueness to your cocktail.

A definite must-attend, this promises to be one of the best weekends ever. Be ready to make art, taste art and feel fantastic!