Tenze Hair Salon Wall Sticker Art

Client : Tenze Year : 2013

In our quest to become Malaysia’s finest wall sticker designer, we’ve taken up a project in Setia Alam recently. The salon’s interior design concept is very raw, with bold black and white walls. There’s metal frames used as decoration and plenty of grunge going on.

Drawing into the initial concept, we wanted to use wall decals and spread them all over the shop in stripes, lines and shatters. The logo itself is a laser cut metal plate signage. This feature wall measures 24ft x 11ft. It’s tall and can be a nightmare when it comes to the decal printing. However, the end result was worth it.

We let the design flow to the other walls and fill up the white space.

The rest of the walls were done in a much more minimalist manner, to make sure that the whole salon doesn’t look too cluttered with lines and shapes.

And here are some close ups of the decals, don’t try to do this on your own by cutting up bits and pieces of stickers. It will take forever that way. Get some transfer tape and that will speed up the process, especially large fragile pieces like the cell blocks.

The hallway leading to the washroom were painted black, as per our request. Decals show up prettier on black. The decals makes the tight hallway looks funky and interesting to walk through.



5 typography decals were used for the back hall. 😀

Interested in our wall sticker designs? We can do up your shop/restaurant as well. Give us a holler at artmisfits@gmail.com