RapidKL Masjid Jamek LRT Station

Client : Prasarana Year : 2014 Size : 42 x 9ft

One of our more challenging projects to date, the mural features a combination of props and realistic painting to give an illusion of realism. Prasarana contributed all the train props, including the train head, seats and railings. The project was a huge success!


Some of our artists posing with Prasarana personnel on our last day. We were very happy for their great support and opportunity for us to showcase local art talents.

What’s real? What’s not real? You decide. Our first panel starts with a futuristic scene.

The scene then leads the viewer into an underwater sequence. This mural utilises more than 4 viewpoints for the 3D effect, to fully enjoy this piece stand on the spot marked on the ground to take photos.

An underground water station brings the traveller back into a forest city.

And our last panel ends the series with a prehistoric dinosaur rampaging into the train.


Credits – From left :

Chan Yi Hann – Concept and Production
Angel Ng – 3D Artist & Artist Acquisition
The Sliz – 3D Artist
Haze Long – Art Direction and 3D Artist
Michelle Yeoh – 3D Artist
Anokayer – 3D Artist

Thanks guys. Tag us with @artmisfits in instagram if you take any photos.