Art Misfits Timberland: 40 years and Going Strong 5

Timberland: 40 years and Going Strong

It was an amazing look into how one idea for a functional pair of boots can cause a ripple effect which is felt years later by so many different people.

The days leading up to the event were a whirl of action, full of work, and we were all looking forward to our Timberland weekend, because we thought, ‘Wow, we’re just gonna hang out, do some art, it’ll be like a vacation!’

I think the first time we realised that the weekend would be the farthest thing from relaxing was on Thursday night at the media event.

Timberland was giving away leather pouches to the media attendees and we were offering four simple, lovely and Timberland-inspired designs to be pyrographed on the pouches.

So popular, didnt even get a clear picture and even the original sample is no longer with us




The line of people waiting to have their pouch pyrographed did not let up till after the event had ended and it was mall closing time. We enjoy the art of pyrography, and it is a detailed and exciting art to practice; but we did not anticipate that other people would appreciate it so much. It was a very pleasant surprise and Michelle and Richard had fun demonstrating the art of pyrography.

It was truly gratifying that so many people came to appreciate the skill of our artists and were equally as passionate about the great products which Timberland has to offer to the discerning buyer.

Timberland was also giving away an awesome 4 gig pen drive designed to look like a mini-yellow boot, it was really cool and a big hit with the people who received them.

Timberlands’ iconic Yellow Boot has been around for 40 years and it has never flagged in its quality or performance. Such an emblem to workmanship and sustainability truly deserved a celebration of such an auspicious number.

Timberland’s core values of style, performance and sustainability were wonderfully displayed at the event. The entire area, as well as the stage was made from renewable and/or recycled materials and was a vision of woodsy goodness in the lush urban setting of Midvalley Mall.

The pictures below are a glimpse into the days where people came together to celebrate an icon, and be inspired again to appreciate the Timberland Yellow Boot and what it has and always will represent: quality. Best Then, Better Now.