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Art Expo 2013

The 2013 Art Expo which opened on the 19th of September 2013 attracted many visitors. The Expo, which is in its 7th annual opening, was ceremonially opened on the 18th with a short VIP and media viewing. With a number of international galleries in attendance: from Singapore, Spain, Vietnam, Russia, Japan, Korea and many more, it served as a wonderful reminder that while people from all over the world may look and sound different, there is one thing that can unite us; the love of good art.

Some of the displayed works were by established artists who have achieved notoriety in their home country and are now expanding into the international market while other works were by established Malaysian artists as well as those establishing a foothold for themselves.

There were too many beautiful, provocative and inspiring art pieces to document all of them, but I have put together a selection of some of the works that caught my eye.

If any piece inspires a thought in you, please let me know, a good discussion about art is always a wonderful way to spend time.

With that said, there is something that I must say about the Art Expo. Despite the fact that it was a wonderful night for me, it still felt hollow. I understand the need for Art Expo’s, it is important for everyone to have the opportunity to experience art that they might normally not see unless they went gallery-hopping.

My unease with the experience lies in the fact that all of the art displayed were by established artists. The beauty of their work is undeniable even to a novice like myself, but do they really need the exposure and Art Expo can bring? The fact that their work is being displayed by a gallery means that they are already well-known.

There are talented and skilled artists in Malaysia who would be better served by the Art Expo. Their work deserves to be known, society is owed the opportunity to experience their art and their skill. Perhaps, in my humble opinion, the Art Expo would have been better for having the work of artists who do not have a gallery to represent them but whose name is growing locally.

What do you think? Do you agree with me or do you have a differing opinion?

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