Welcome Message Wall Sticker for Homes and Cafes

Client : Suanie Year : 2013 Size : 5 x 8 ft

This would be a good artwork to display on your walls facing the entrance for your home, cafe, restaurants or pubs. It welcomes guests and sorta let them know the vibe of the place that they are getting into.

This wall sticker was done for Suanie’s home. She has a knack with words and provided us with the copywriting for this design. We turned it into a typography art decal for her and installed it in her house.

The installation itself took 3 hours to complete. Each letter and graphic is applied to the wall with the correct alignment and spacing.

For cursive writing, it can be a challenge to stick to the wall but we are proud to say that this piece turned out beautifully.

She requested for a few of her favourite characters to be designed into the wall as well. This add a personal touch to the art and made it totally her.

The wall art can be viewed just as the guests open the main door.

The blue lines come in separate pieces which we carefully stick to the wall. We could have done it in one piece with transparent backing but the outcome wouldn’t be as nice as this. Cutting corners with art are never a good idea.


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