Oriental Chinese Girl Painting

Year : 2013 Size : 12 x 8ft

Lately, we have painted a chinese painting for a client. We love chinese painting, the paint strokes are minimal, wet and it’s all about expressing a movement.

The wall was prepared with a yellow cream stone faux effect and the mural is painted on top of it.

It is definitely a challenge trying to simulate sumi-e or chinese painting techniques on the wall. The paint has to be very wet and because of that, the drips are sometimes incontrollable. The only way around it would be to work fast and assist the drying process with brush work.

The background leaves and stones are transparent, almost like on paper. Then the flowers and the girl were painted to be opaque in order to have them stand out in the painting.

We took slightly more than one day to finish this 10ft x 8ft painting.

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