208ty : Message from Haze Long

For the past 2 months, Art Misfits organised a collective of 20 artists to paint 80 murals in Atmosphere. It has been a challenging journey that truly been the best days of my life. I lost over 5 kg working on this project without much sleep or food and most of the artists put in similar or more effort in order to ensure the success of this project. We battle through endless rounds of mock ups approval, blardy rainy weather in Atmosphere, painting while cockroaches rain on us(literally), dang mosquitoes and saving murals one at a time.

Tempo, the developer has been very supportive of us by supporting us through out our endless night shifts and morning shifts. The place is so big that we had to use bicycles to get around. I appreciate their effort and thank them sincerely as the Chief Misfit of Art Misfits.

The videographers have been with us occasionally an offered their lights to help light up our murals at night while we paint. Every single party involved became our friends.

All the artists has been wonderful and amazing. Our tough times were full of frustration and anger at times but were dwarfed by our great times spent together. It strengthened our unity and drew us closer together as fellow artists in Malaysia. I love you guys and I want to thank everyone of you for the endless effort and trust you place in us. I am very happy and proud of all of you. As a fellow artist, you guys are my family and I hope that this is just the beginning of our journey together. Escape Va Michelle Yeoh Angel Ng Richard van Kat Lim Anuar W M Abel Slizzy Fuad Shah Danuja Sattama Emmalynn Yam Candy Tan Chekri MansorKenzy Chew Kean Wui Joanne Teh Andrew T Crum @anokayer01 Julius Raja Manickam Shien Sim Chern Six Seven

Thank you for standing by me and suffering my antics, forcing me to eat and sleep, finding my car, teman me emo and helping me and the crew out. Is forever lup you guys. We will improve ourselves in management and let’s do greater things next time. 

Thank you to my crew who help manage this project, sometimes taking over my job when I haven’t slept or eaten. Chang Li Ling Dazar Selva Pearl Lim You guys are awesome and I would have been insane with the amount of work done if it wasn’t for you guys. Thank you for buying all the paints and items everyday and delivering it to us. I especially appreciate the occasional KFC and Dominoes. 

Also, I would like to apologise to friends, clients and family for being away from home and office for so long. I will be back soon and thank you for waiting.

Last of all, I would like to shout out to everyone, that art on walls is not just artists and paints. It’s also about artists management, travelling, logistics, weather forecasting and client servicing. Malaysia’s art industry is peaking and it is our time, our art.

Check out our video and come support us! We are still touching up some murals for now until Sunday. Thanks and peace out!