The Girl with the Tattoo

Year : 2013 Size : 12 x 8 ft

Girls are one of the most challenging and interesting subject matter for an artist. There are so many ways to define the subject and it’s a refreshing experience for us to paint each time. This mural was done for a bedroom on a wall around 10ft x 8ft. It’s pretty big, the girl’s face is twice as big compared to yours or mine.

We prep the background with a pink faux wall effect. Faux walls are a fun way to add texture to your walls. The faux effect we did this time resembles a very subtle stone effect.

The blanket was painted in a very wet, traditional Chinese painting style. The paint starts to drip and smear on the wall, giving it a beautiful watercolor effect.If you ever have to paint a tattoo on your subject matter, make sure that you use a glaze instead of an opaque paint. The glaze will allow the shading underneath to show through.

This mural is right where the bed is. If you ever need a pretty lady right next to you when you sleep, we can paint one for you! For more information and pricing on murals, click here.

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